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We are a software development company with over 50 years of history in Shiga, Japan. We provide solutions to solve various problems for customers such as government agencies, local governments, private companies, and educational institutions. Our company's strength is that we develop consistent solutions from development to implementation and support. This enables us to provide high value-added solutions.


Company name Nippon Software Knowledge Corp.
Founded Feb. 19, 1972
Headquarters 23 Maibaranishi, Maibara City,Shiga,5210015, Japan
*We also have Tokyo, Osaka branch offices
Paid Capital J.Yen190,000,000.-
Workforce 148
Management Yoshitsugu Fujita, Chairman
Senji Gamou ,President
E-Mail glocal-ict@nihonsoft.co.jp


1970. Apr Shiga Computer Academy was founded
1971. Apr Started out ancillary business in a Shiga Computer Academy
1972. Feb Nippon Software Knowledge Corp. was founded
1973. Oct Professor & former president, Yoshinori FUJITA, got an award for
“Minister of International Trade and Industry”
1977. Mar Open a branch office in Osaka
1981. Nov Open a branch office in Tokyo
1984. Feb New headquarters building was completed
1984. Sep Medical business system “ProfessorThe Online LAN MAPS” was released
1992. Sep Released “SOFINET WATER”; remote monitoring system for small-sized effluent treatment facilities
1998. Aug Received a patent for constructing technique of SOFINET WATER, “remote monitoring system and its monitoring method”
1999. Oct Received a patent for “visual monitoring method”
2000. May Received a patent for “program transformation method”
2008. Jun Obtained ISO 9001:2000 Certification
2010. Mar President & CEO, Yoshitsugu FUJITA, published a book called “Departure from Tokyo Monopolism”
2010. Oct Released “SOFINET EYE for POWER”; Electricity Visualization System
2011. Feb Obtained ISO 9001:2008 Certification
2017. May Obtained JIS Q 27001:2014(ISO/IEC27001:2013),
JIS Q 9001:2015(ISO9001:2015)
2019. Aug Yoshitsugu Fujita is appointed as Chairman and
Senji Gamou is appointed as President
2022. Feb Released “NUTRITION PRO”, nutrition calculation system
2022. Dec Chairman, Yoshitsugu FUJITA, published a book called “Materialize SDGs by making good use of ICT”